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"My health is a result of

what I believe. To change

my health, I must change

what I believe..."

-Dr. Jenelle Nicole, PhD

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“Dr. Jenelle made a significant difference in my weight loss efforts by providing me with a detailed meal plan that wasn't complicated. It was everyday food that you didn't feel like you had to be a millionaire to afford and it wasn't something that you didn't want to eat. Her determination for me to be successful encouraged me to push beyond my own physical limits..."

Tamika Pugh, 35, Saint Albans, WV

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Top 7 "Am I Fat" Blog Posts
by Dr. Jenelle Nicole
10 Reasons You Are Not Losing Weight

I have been on several “diet plans.” And whenever it seems like I have stopped losing weight or if other people tell me they have stopped losing weight, at least 10 reasons come to mind...

You Look Good Fat!

 It is an undeniable truth that weight loss, as well as sustaining that weight loss, starts in the mind. If you never change your mind to being dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle, you will never consistently do it. Likewise, if you don’t change your self-view of yourself, what will happen is that even when you get to the size you want to be at, it will still not be good enough (that was always my case)...

8 R's of Eating

 I know how to lose weight. I have done it at least 50 times in my lifetime. But what I have always had a hard time of doing, is creating a lifestyle of change to maintain the weight I loss. What can help us create a lifestyle of change? 8 words...

7 Day Fast Food Diet

Most diets you review will be 1200-1500 calorie diets. So if you are always on the go and want to lose weight, this diet may help you shed a few pounds. Now, when I say “diet,” most think of something you “go on to lose weight.” However, I am using it in the general sense of “what you eat.” So as you review recommendations, understand that this is not a weight loss diet, but simply a healthier way to eat when eating fast-food that may also help you shed some pounds. ...

I Had 3 Stomachs and a Jelly Belly

I was around 11 years old when I first heard the term, “Jelly Belly Jenelle.” I was in the lunch line at my elementary school. My father made my lunch on most days, but did not on this particular day, so I was subjected to the cafeteria food. As I stood in the lunch line, minding my own business (as any 11 year old would be, right?), I heard a boy from my class loudly yell out, “Jelly Belly Jenelle!!!” This was followed by roaring laughter, from what I remember. By then, I had become used to being the butt of fat jokes...

I'm a Bored, Greedy, and Emotional Eater

We are hungry, so we eat. But what is happening in our bodies when we are not hungry, but eat anyhow? Oftentimes, we are craving something, and for some reason or another, food is the most convenient thing to satisfy that craving. We think we are craving food, but in actuality, we are craving something else. We only seek to fill the void with food. However, the food never fills the void. I want to introduce you to three types of eaters who do this…

I Think Scales Might be of The Devil

When I was a young teenager suffering from continuing body image issues, I practically starved myself while exhausting myself in exercise daily, hoping that the scale’s number would change. I got on the scale MULTIPLE TIMES A DAY, and when it did not change, I got upset with myself. I felt like a failure. On one occasion, I jumped up and down on the scale until it broke...

More Testimonials

“Dr. Jenelle has played a vital role in my weight loss. She has been contributing to my process of weight loss for over 6 years. I have had a baby in between that time and she has got me right back into shape after being pregnant. She inspired me whenever I hit a plateau and provided me with other ways to challenge my body to get more fitness results to lose the last few pounds. Recently, she designed a nutrition plan that is helping me develop more muscle tone. Dr. Jenelle is the only way to get those results you need and want.”

Kendra Butler, 34, Little Rock, AR


“Dr. Jenelle has helped me to find a connection with my inner self. She listens very well and allows you to see things within yourself that you were previously blind to. Her thought provoking words help you to discover the meaningfulness in not only life in general but YOUR OWN life while driving home the purpose you were put here to fulfill. She is highly educated but draws a lot of her knowledge from her very own past experiences. That, is what makes her very different from the rest! She doesn't just tell you what she's heard... She tells you what she knows!”

Shante Easter, 34, Bossier City, LA


“Dr. Jenelle has been a key influence in my fitness journey. The nutritional information, food shopping tips, and workout techniques she shared during seminars have been key factors in me making better choices... ”
Brittany Clay, 33, Oklahoma City, OK


“Dr. Jenelle helped me see the big picture surrounding my weight loss journey. She helped me make better food choices and introduced carb cycling to me which has made a big difference. Allowing myself some “cheat” days and increasing my carbs on my high exercise days, has really helped me to push forward in my weight loss journey.”

Dr. T. Jackson, 54, Tallahassee, FL

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