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  • Is travel to Destin, Florida included in my payments?

    • No. Your payments cover retreat activities, lodging, and most meals. You must make your own travel arrangements to Destin, Florida. The local airport is Destin-Fort Walton Beach Airport (VPS). We can make arrangements to have you picked up from the airport if you choose to fly to Destin. That information will be collected during your intake period.

  • How much does it cost to attend the retreat?

    • The total cost for the retreat is $950 plus your travel arrangements (on your own), as well as Sunday dinner and any outside retreat activities. The $300 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit is due by August 31st, 2021. This deposit must be paid to secure your spot. Thereafter, all installment payments must be paid on time in order to keep your spot. The remaining two $325 installment payments are due on September 30th, and October 15th, respectively. You will receive an e-mail reminder with an invoice prior to each due date. If you fail to pay an installment by the due date, you will lose retreat access.

  • What should I pack to wear?

    • You should pack comfortable clothing for movement and lounging, as well as swimwear if you desire to take advantage of all the beach has to offer.

  • What happens after I pay my deposit?

    • After you register, approve the terms and conditions, and pay your deposit, you will receive a welcome message, an intake survey form, and general retreat information. As we get closer to the dates of the retreat, you can expect regular e-mails concerning the retreat, along with gentle payment reminders with an invoice link.

  • How much is a flight to Destin, Florida (VPS)?

    • Pending your departure airport, we have found that round-trip flights can cost anywhere from $150-500.

  • Can I drive to Destin, Florida?

    • You are encouraged to use whatever method of transportation that makes you comfortable. Parking spots will be available at the lodging location should you choose to travel in a motor-vehicle.

During Retreat
  • What time does the retreat start and end?

    • The retreat will start at 6pm on Friday, November 5th. The retreat will end by 10am on Monday, November 8th.

  • Am I required to stay for the entire retreat?

    • You are not required to stay for all parts of the retreat, however, your cost will be the same.

  • What about the concern with Covid-19?

    • You are encouraged to get vaccinated. We will not monitor whether or not participants have been vaccinated. However, if you feel the need, you may wear a mask, and sanitation stations will be available throughout the house.

  • How many people will be at this retreat?

    • This retreat is designed to be an intimate experience shared between a small group of women. As such, no more than 9-14 people will be in attendance.

  • Can I have my own room?

    • The purpose of the retreat is to facilitate inner and outer connections. As a result, sleeping arrangements will be in shared rooms where you will have your own bed (size is subject to availability), and shared bathrooms. Keep in mind, the only time you should be in your room is for sleeping. The retreat will be full of activities, and occasionally, free time to lounge in multiple common areas within and outside of the house. If you are in dire need of having your own room, you may be accommodated for an additional fee. Please inquire ( prior to submitting your down payment.

  • What will we eat?

    • A variety of healthy snacks and meals will be offered during this retreat. There will also be opportunities to indulge in local eateries. Please see the main page for information on the meals. Although healthy snacks (including vegan options) will be provided, you are also welcomed to bring your own snacks.

  • Are kids allowed at the retreat?

    • Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate kids.

  • Do I have to participate in all of the activities?

    • To get the full transformation experience, you are strongly encouraged to participate in all activities. As well, we would appreciate limited use of your cell phone during the retreat in order to maximize your engagement.

  • Is there an age limit for this retreat?

    • This retreat is designed for adults 25 and older.

  • Will WiFi be available?

    • WiFi may or may not be available, pending the location.

  • Do I need to bring any money?

    • You are encouraged to bring additional funds for patronizing local eateries, as well as any activities you would like to participate in outside of the retreat.

  • Will there be any free time during the retreat?

    • Yes, there will be a few hours of free time at different times during the retreat, and most of Sunday will be a free day, though we will encourage group time on the beach. 

  • I suffer from significant mental health issues. Can this retreat be used as my therapy?

    • Though this retreat includes therapeutic aspects, it is not a substitute for therapy with a licensed professional.

  • Is there a set schedule for the retreat?

    • Activities for the retreat are set, however, times are subject to change. A general itinerary can be found here.

  • What is the address of the house in Destin, Florida?

    • Once all payments have been accepted, you will receive a separate e-mail with information on the exclusive location.

  • Can I have outside visitors during the retreat?

    • Only staff and retreat participants who have paid the full fee will be allowed in the lodging space.​​

  • Is this a Christian retreat?

    • This retreat seeks to embrace women, no matter their spiritual background. Though some Christian principles may be emphasized periodically, other religions and spiritual practices may be highlighted as well. You are free to reject anything that does not align with your beliefs.

  • Is this retreat disability friendly?

    • Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate individuals who are hearing impaired, blind, and those with limited mobility.

  • Is this retreat a good idea for groups of friends?

    • This retreat will facilitate new connections and encourage a journey of self-discovery. It is ideal for you to come with an open mind, ready to meet new people, however, friends who register will not be prohibited. If you are interested in a retreat EXCLUSIVELY FOR YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS, feel free to contact us to discuss this opportunity (​​​

  • Will pictures be taken at the retreat?

    • We will capture photographic moments throughout the retreat. You will be asked to sign a photo-release so we can share photos on different media outlets for future advertisement.

  • What is the average temperature in Destin, Florida in November?

    • The average temperature in Destin, Florida during this time is 71 degrees. You are encouraged to check the weather prior to coming to the retreat.

  • What time zone is Destin, Florida in?

    • Central Standard Time

  • Will there be a refund for the retreat if it is not what I expect?

    • We plan to make every effort to make this retreat memorable and to facilitate connections that should benefit you for a lifetime. Though we can't provide a refund if you are not satisfied with the retreat, we welcome your constructive comments post-retreat.

  • What if I have additional questions that have not been answered?

To register to attend the retreat, click here.
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