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"Jenelle Nicole"

"Jenelle Nicole" is the label and includes custom-clothing, jewelry, and accessories. Each piece is one-of-a-kind wearable art that is made just for you. Check out samples of the pieces here.

Spoken Word​

Before I was Dr. Jenelle Nicole, I was (and still am) Jenelle Nicole...a spoken word poet from Little Rock, Arkansas. In February of 2006, I published my first poetry book entitled February's Diary: 28 Days of Lies. Since March 2007 to now, I have released multiple spoken word poetry cds. My poetry is full of spiritual analogies that prompt self-reflection and connection with the Creator. Check them out here.


For years, I have been writing essays and telling stories as a form of therapy. Most of the writings center around using my cultural lens to highlight different areas of well-being. These writings have been shared around the world, often under #iwriteastherapy. Check them out here.

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