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TEDx Talk
Using Media and Poetry to Enhance Eating Behaviors

In 2019, I was  selected as a Tedx Speaker in Tallahassee, Florida. In my Tedx Talk, I discussed how I use poetry, comedy, and different forms of media to help students become aware and stay engaged in nutrition issues. Check the talk out here.  

Online Courses
Weight Loss Course​

If you are interested in learning more about how to be effective in your weight loss goals, TRY the FREE ONLINE course 33 Secrets and Solutions from the Most Effective Weight Loss Programs. This self-paced 6-module weight loss course will help you determine what weight loss tools might work best for you. We explore core components of weight loss while discovering solutions, resources, and methods that will be helpful to you in your weight loss endeavors. Check the FREE course out here.

Nutrition in Health Masterclass:
For the Professional ($50)

This FULLY ONLINE COURSE includes 90-day access to 12 modules. Modules include short video lectures, numerous resources, and short quizzes to assess your nutrition knowledge. If you are a health and/or fitness professional, or just have a general interest in nutrition, this course is perfect for helping you reach your goals. ***THIS COURSE IS APPROVED FOR UP TO 12 HOURS FOR CERTIFIED HEALTH EDUCATION SPECIALISTS. IT CAN ALSO BE USED AS A CONTINUING EDUCATION OPTION FOR PERSONAL TRAINING CERTIFICATIONS. CHECK WITH YOUR ORGANIZATION. To register for the course:

Am I Fat?

In 2016, I wrote and produced a webisode series documenting my journey with food, exercise, and body image. The videos chronicle a history of food choices with weight realities, while offering sound health and wellness advice for optimal health. Check the series out here

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