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Custom Items

If you're here, you have probably seen a custom-made item I created. I create pieces based on inspiration and selectively as requested. I use second-hand clothing and fabric (new and previously used) to create uniquely designed statement pieces that usually pair well with solid colors. If you're interested in starting the process to create your own unique piece, please read the information below. 

Custom-made item estimates are listed below. What you see below is the MINIMUM price for the selected item. The price will increase based on the design, detail, and labor estimates. Once you decide you are interested in getting your own custom item created, you can complete the contact form below. You will be contacted and asked to complete a questionnaire, detailing what you desire. Thereafter, a phone consultation will be set up to discuss designing your piece. You will receive an invoice within 24-48 hours after the consultation. After receiving the invoice, a 50% non-refundable deposit is required prior to developing your custom-made item. The remainder will be due once the item has been completed and is ready for shipping.

Estimates for Custom-made Items:

Bellbottom Patch Jeans- $250+

Patchwork Skirt- $200+

T-shirts Skirt- $150+

Purse- $75+

Earrings- $25+

***Pricing will depend on materials requested, cost of labor, and shipping. 

To see a portfolio of previously created designs, click here.

Thanks for submitting!

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